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Events and Territory

Around the Village Hotel Stromboli is the way to famous tourist places to visit along the coast of the gods, or enjoy the delicious dishes from the traditional cultures of people all over the province derived.

Anniversary with various associations organized numerous events open access in all municipalities in the district of Capo Vaticano, which should be visited.


Just 6 km from our Resort, you can discover Tropea, “the Tyrrhenian Pearl”. The town preserves several traces of the different historical Ages, with one of the most characteristic city centre in Calabria. Here You can admire the beautiful noble residences with their artistic portals of granite and tuff stone, and the several churches: the Norman Cathedral, the “Annunziata”, San Francis… The ancient mansions are now the small shops of craftsmen or the place where to buy local food and typical products. Tropea’s beautiful landscape and beaches attract thousands of foreign tourists. On request there are transfers to and from the resort.

Map of Tropea
Capo Vaticano

Capo Vaticano is the heart of the Gods Coast, where the white-gray granite rocks modeled by the wind and the waves fall in the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea. You can admire its beautiful beaches and cays and swim in the water of many different colors with a boat trip, or enjoy the view from above with a road trip, both departing directly from our Resort.

Map of Capo Vaticano

Pizzo is 40 km far from the Resort. The town is built on high slope, with the historical centre characterized by streets linked with small stairs, by ancient fountains and residences, by churches and the airy square with a magnificent balcony overlooking the sea. Its specialty is the Tartufo, a delicious chocolate ice-cream which you should eat in the main square, while admiring the sea and the Murat Castle.

MAp of Pizzo

Events in Calabrian